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Thu Oct 1 13:51:17 CEST 2009

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 11:26 PM, Jon Kristian Nilsen
<jokr.nilsen at> wrote:
> Now these are just mock-ups, but ihmo pretty god ones. I've spent quality
> time thinking about user friendliness and what I'd like to see:) Ofcourse
> I've probably missed

Just some remarks;)

1: Try to put these pictures on the Freerunner, to see how it feels.
There are view
image viewer out there, or you can even write a simple elementary
application for it.

On my 15.4" laptop, the freerunner screen is equal to a 176x235 pixel rectangle.
So if you scale your images to this size, you can observe a few things.
Lets talk about the main screen:

Apart from the clock, none of the texts are readable. I can read some,
if I seriously
try, but my mom cant read it for sure.
To demonstrate it, here is a resized, blurred image (just apply
gaussian blur in gimp):

So there are some key texts which are not readable at all. There is no
rule (yet), for the
minimum text size on paroli, but I try to avoid all small texts.

So could you please repost your proposal with much bigger texts?;)

Its a huge rework I know.

2. Button sizes
Also there should be some rules for the minimum size of a button. Currently
the back buttons are 159x69 pixel, and the calculator has a button size of
96pixel at least in one direction. so I would say 96x48 pixel should
be the minimum
of a button.

Even if the button is not looks like as 96pixel wide or tall, the
clicking area should be
that big. An excellent example your own gallery site, where the PREV and NEXT
buttons' clicking area are 240x640pixel rectangle.

3. No idea what is the 23 number of the upper left corner of clock.
Should be 42, no?;)

4. Although Im not a designer at any means, but I think the pixelized
icons does not really
much with the smoothed texts.

5. The displayed numbers of incoming and outgoing calls are almost
unreadable. Should be way bigger.

6. In the current paroli gui, there are quite a big role of sliding
left and right. Its a nice screen size saver.
I think its totally lacks your design.

7. If you are seriously thinking to implement this gui in paroli, I
really suggest you, to try to draw some of the screen
in inkscape. It helps the implementation a lot.

8. There are many eyecandy in your image, which takes *time* to
implement it, and also slows down the gui a little. Im thinking about
all the gradient at the edge of each button, or the sms text view.

Other than that, I really like your proposal, there are some aspects
on which Im already working.
For example the background image:

I also like some of your icons a lot, especially for the toolbars.

Im working (right now) of putting the paroli's topbar at the bottom to
be a bottombar;)
It is because the top is reserved for illume topbar, and two topbars
does not make sense. Especially, when its hard to touch the edge of
the screen. Would you mind to put the topbar at the bottom in your

Are you also interested in implementing your gui? I would be more than
happy to mentoring you.

Best regards,

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