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Thu Oct 1 20:21:36 CEST 2009

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 4:40 PM, Jon Kristian Nilsen
<jokr.nilsen at> wrote:
>>So could you please repost your proposal with much bigger texts?;)
> I believe your approach to this is wrong, my mockups contains elements that
> for sure needs to be taken care of in the code,
> this includes, if im not mistaken, text styles, sizes, shapes of boxes
> etc...

In your proposal there is no place for bigger texts. It is that simple.
It needs to rethink some part of the gui. No code will help here.

> Have you layed out a plan for this, I am interested to see what you come up
> with.

Sorry I dont understand it. Plan for what exactly?

> Btw, out of curiosity, are you with the dev team?

Cant comment here.

>>3. No idea what is the 23 number of the upper left corner of clock.
>>Should be 42, no?;)
> Just "second" indicator. It could be 42 if it was 19 seconds later:)

Updating the gui in every sec, is a no-go on a battery equipped device.

> I disagree here. However, I see now that I should've turned off smoothing,
> just for the sake of visualization.

Could you show one screen with "turned off smoothing" ?

> See my first comment. Text size should be considered at a later stage, also,
> this is easy to change in code.

Cant. If there is no place for bigger texts, than there is no place.;)

>>6. In the current paroli gui, there are quite a big role of sliding
>>left and right. Its a nice screen size saver.
>>I think its totally lacks your design.
> :)

:)) Was it a serious answer? :)

> I used photoshop for the mockups. If paroli devs are interested in working
> on this, i will provide vectorized variants of what is needed,

If you *seriously* want to see this implemented you should wrap your
mind around
coding. I can help you get started. But you can't expect developers
implement all these proposals as soon as possible. Most importantly, because
paroli lacks some every-day feature, and has some serious bugs.

> but as my first comment states, there are alot of things here that should be
> taken care of by the code.

I think the best proposal is what matches 99% of the final look.

> As stated in my post, I am not sure about the limitation of the toolkit, I
> am unsure if gradients and shapes might be taken care of by it.


> Can you elaborate? The background image is just used to show how it looks
> with custom bg.

Of course. If we broke down your proposal into smaller steps. Then
you have one proposal, where you propose custom background image.

I just mentioned Im working on it. And it is intead possible to change the
background of the homescreen in paroli (although it is hackish right now).

> :)

>> Would you mind to put the topbar at the bottom in your
> Yeah, in my posts I had an entry about that, I would mine, as it breaks the
> normal flow.

Care to elaborate?

>>Are you also interested in implementing your gui? I would be more than
>>happy to mentoring you.
> Sure, but I am not a programmer, I would love to work closely with someone
> who wants to do this.

Nobody born as a programmer. The question is, are you ready to devote
2hours/day until it is implemented?

> I want feedback from devs and maybe set up a meeting. This needs to be
> planned out.

Not much to be planned. The most simple way, is break down your proposal
into small steps. Like:
- easily changable background image.
- adapt your topbar icons
- make the homescreen a list with icons
- etc, etc

Then implement this small steps.

> Someone on this list has already mentioned that they don't belive this could
> be re-programmed into paroli.

Hmm. We should rephrase this question, to something like this:
- Is it possible to implement that complex gui using enlightenment's libraries?

And it turns out, its a rhetorical question;)

(although there are some part of your proposal, which are almost impossible
to implement. Im thinking about your top shelf's sliding idea for example. We
cant interact with illume topshelf, and I dont think, paroli want to go to the
fullscreen direction (again), as it generated too much resistance from users
in the past.)

> It's also possible to discuss this more up-close on my site's comments, or
> you can find me on #paroli, #openmoko-cdevel, #openmoko

Hmm, you are not online...

> Jon Kristian


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