Paroli Theme/UI proposals

Fabian Killus fabian at
Thu Oct 1 22:09:56 CEST 2009

> Just some remarks;)
> 1: Try to put these pictures on the Freerunner, to see how it feels.
> There are view
> image viewer out there, or you can even write a simple elementary
> application for it.
> On my 15.4" laptop, the freerunner screen is equal to a 176x235 pixel
> rectangle. So if you scale your images to this size, you can observe
> a few things. Lets talk about the main screen:
> Apart from the clock, none of the texts are readable. I can read some,
> if I seriously
> try, but my mom cant read it for sure.
> To demonstrate it, here is a resized, blurred image (just apply
> gaussian blur in gimp):

I just scopied the main.jpg onto my Freerunner and opened it with neon.
I can read everything just fine and don't think the text needs to be
larger. Except the small "previous" and "next" at the top are a little
small, but still readable.


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