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Fri Oct 2 00:22:32 CEST 2009

 >In your proposal there is no place for bigger texts. It is that simple.
>It needs to rethink some part of the gui. No code will help here.

I will take a look at what could be improve on, in regards to what has been
mentioned here.

>Sorry I dont understand it. Plan for what exactly?

Well you seemed quite eager to work with my proposal, so i was wondering if
you had layed out a plan.
As you mentioned as well further down in your reply, breaking it down into
smaller steps.
I always plan how to work out stuff, I don't understand why you don't

>Updating the gui in every sec, is a no-go on a battery equipped device.

Doesn't paroli do this, it's not important for me anyways.

>Could you show one screen with "turned off smoothing" ?
Yes, I will do this.

> See my first comment. Text size should be considered at a later stage,
> this is easy to change in code.

>Cant. If there is no place for bigger texts, than there is no place.;)
I will think about this when re-working the theme. As far as I can see,
every container has more than enough space.
Doesn't the code control how big for example shapes should be?

>:)) Was it a serious answer? :)
Actually I misunderstood the question, and taking a second look, i still
don't understand it, please elaborate.

>If you *seriously* want to see this implemented you should wrap your
>mind around coding. I can help you get started. But you can't expect
>implement all these proposals as soon as possible. Most importantly,
>paroli lacks some every-day feature, and has some serious bugs.

I would love to, seriously. Maybe I don't understand you 2nd answer here,
but I want to be real
clear on this: I don't expect anything at all, and this has been emphasized
quite clearly alot of times.

>I think the best proposal is what matches 99% of the final look.
I get your point and it is an important one, that was partly what I meant
with planning.

>Of course. If we broke down your proposal into smaller steps. Then
>you have one proposal, where you propose custom background image.
Each mock-up is a proposal.

>> Would you mind to put the topbar at the bottom in your
> Yeah, in my posts I had an entry about that, I would mine, as it breaks
> normal flow.

>Care to elaborate?

Well I don't know if it's doable, but as stated in my post and shown in my
the top-shelf could act as a placeholder for alot of stuff, like androids
Putting this at the bottom will break it's usage, which my other ideas are
heavily based on.

>Nobody born as a programmer. The question is, are you ready to devote
>2hours/day until it is implemented?

To be honest, I have not thought about working with the code, but I am

>Not much to be planned. The most simple way, is break down your proposal
>into small steps. Like:
>- easily changable background image.
>- adapt your topbar icons
>- make the homescreen a list with icons
>- etc, etc

This is all just themeing, you would be better off if i created something
that works with paroli just the way it is,
which isn't exactly something I've thought about before. Actually the
initial idea was to improve the navigation, everything else is built from

>Hmm, you are not online...
Not always, different timezones.

> Jon Kristian


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