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Jon Kristian Nilsen jokr.nilsen at
Fri Oct 2 19:46:23 CEST 2009

>Also soon, a suspend button will appear on the launcher at the bottom
>right corner (in the current git, there is already a picture, but not
>a real button).

>The reasoning is simple, when you use your phone everyday (as I am),
>you want to suspend it *fast*. Without going to the illume icon view.

>So I think the design should include it.

Yes, I will take a look at this.

>Until now I requested the following things from Jon:
>1. put each topbar icon as a separate .png file online with an
>appropriate license.

There's one problem with this, not all of the icons are created by me, they
are royalty free icons which i've had laying around for quite a while, and I
really can't remember where I got them. This might be a problem, but it
should not be a huge deal for me to draw new ones if this is preffered? I
don't know if we can re-release under a licence, since they're free for all,
do you?

>2. show me one screen with unsmoothed text (whatever it means)

I will change this.

>I have been thinking about implementing a bit more. I will read
>one more time throughly the proposal, and write a summary letter,
>how I think we should proceed, and how others can dive
>into e gui development.


>Jon: Can you redraw the home screen using inkscape? Just that one:

Yes I can.

>Here is a barebone .svg file, to get starting:

>Dont concentrate on the small details, ie. the gradients between the rows.
>Use simple rectangles, also for the icons you can use your already
separated .png files.

I might have to draw a new iconset myself, because I'm not sure we can
re-release royalty-free stuff, in any case, it should be fairly simple.

>I will be offline for the weekend, so my detailed letter will come on
monday the latest. Until it's plenty of time for inkscape >learning;-)

>I can't promise any work this weekend, been to the dentist today and pulled
two teeth, don't feel quite well yet.

>ps: For gui development we will use inkscape. The reasoning is simple:
>it is the best (open source) program for the purpose. So if we would
>use photoshop for example, its a huge (financial) barrier for others to

>Also with inkscape, with a little training, you can exactly feel how
>the gui will be build. In edje, the gui is drawn on a canvas, just like
>in inkscape. Only limited thing is, we dont have that many tool (ie.
>we only have rectangles, images, texts, etc in our repertoire, and not
>the more advanced things like vector circle, spiral or bezier curve
>as in inkscape)

Inkscape and photoshop ain't comparable, ps is not for vectors. But I always
work with my mockup's in ps,
I'll draw these in illustrator, there's no problem exporting them as svg and
opening in inkscape, as far as i know.

- Jon Kristian
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