[SHR-U / All?] Illume Keyboard in Landscape

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak seba.dos1 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 14:48:35 CEST 2009

On 10/3/09, Petr Vanek <vanous at penguin.cz> wrote:
>>Just restart enlightenment, or only keyboard. It works with landscape,
>>it just doesn't switch correctly to landscape mode in runtime.
> please word it correctly: it doesn't work correctly in landscape but
> there is an ugly hack to perform each time you rotate to make it fit.
> Illume (E) has had this ever since, i still wander what keeps it being
> the top w-manager for the freerunner.
> Petr

It worked correctly for long time, just revision used actually in SHR
has this bug. And it's really old revision, it's possible it was even
fixed long time ago.

And it works correctly on landscape and always worked, just in
revision we're using ATM switching at runtime doesn't work. That's
correct wording.

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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