New version of sgt-puzzles, and a launcher for it

EdorFaus edorfaus at
Sun Oct 4 07:12:19 CEST 2009


I finally got some time to set everything up for these things.

A new version of sgt-puzzles is now in the repository[1], and also uploaded on[2]. There's now a new homepage[3] for it, and the code (for the build 
system, patches etc) is available in svn[4].

This package includes a shell script that lets users disable/enable individual 
desktop icons, making it possible to reduce the number even without installing 
a launcher. It also includes some basic support for launchers, automatically 
removing the desktop icons when a compatible launcher is installed, except 
those icons that have been explicitly enabled (so you can have both a 
launcher, and your favorite games on the desktop for quick access).

More details on the homepage[3].

I've also created such a launcher, and packaged it separately. It is fairly 
simple, just displays a grid of plain buttons, but space is so limited due to 
the number of games that I'm not sure how to fit anything more fancy anyway.

If someone wants to make a better launcher, there are details for the 
interaction between them on the homepage[3].

The launcher is also available in the repository[1] and on[5], source 
is in an svn repo[6], and it has its own homepage[7] with more information.

To make it easier to discover the launcher, the sgt-puzzles package suggests 
it - opkg apparently mentions suggestions when installing the package. :)

One thing I haven't gotten the launcher to do yet, is single-instancing the 
games. I'm not sure what the best approach for that would be - looking for 
open X windows? looking for running processes? is there a standard way of 
doing this, that would work here? (keep in mind the launcher doesn't stay 
running after selecting a game, so looking at the process tree doesn't help.)
On the other hand I'm not sure how important it is, either.



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