[shr-u] App Launcher first thoughts

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 18:19:01 CEST 2009

It's taken me a while to get around to looking at this. Brilliant,
really like it for a start but hard to find info on how to configure it.
At present I can't seem to configure it to receive the SMS messages.

I've been looking through the internet with a very bad connection trying
to find some info on the necessary configuration of both launcher and
framework to get it to work. I unfortunately removed shr-messages from
the phone as I liked the app launcher so much. Now I've got the
notifications that I've received an SMS message but I've no idea where
it is. Using a test sim so I'm messaging myself so I'm not missing
anything anyhow ;-)

I have to say I like the default screen and think that it's better then
the illume app screen in shr-u. This is personal opinion but I don't
think that the screen of applications I have installed is information.
It only becomes information if I add an app to the phone and then it's
only  useful information when I add one and can see it there. I don't
think I'd like my computer's desktop to just show me all the apps I have
installed. I know where to find the menu to launch one though, when I
need it.

As I've said can't find info on launcher but my screen is showing me the
time and the date, each on a line and then on a third line it's showing
me a few numbers which I've no idea about. What does that info mean?

I've been looking over what email I still have in my inbox on the
subject of launcher and trying to piece together info. I don't think it
should be that complicated though. It'd be great if people who went
ahead of me and found stuff out could have updated the app launcher wiki
page in the openmoko wiki, then I'd be standing on the shoulders of
giants. At present all I can see are shins.

Now in one of those previous emails the  author (Well done on a
brilliant app) mentioned that an attempt might be made to create a dbus
interface to add info to the launcher home screen. Did that go anywhere?
I'm interested in this as I'd like to add a simple anniversary  app
which could make use of this interface. I don't want to add reminders
for birthdays and the like as it's a bit of work and when I do that on
other phones I get reminded maybe three days before the event and then
promptly forget it till the day after the event (disaster_1.0.0.bb) It'd
be great if I could write a simple script which would look at my text
file which contains all the dates and work out which date is next and
how long I've got. Then post that info to app launcher which could put
it under the time and date and maybe even color code it depending on how
long I've got left. A cron job could check it when the date changes at
midnight and when the phone is powered up. Obviously then I can't forget
the date in question. Maybe if there were two dates very close it could
put up both. Anyhow that's just be thinking out loud. Maybe other people
here ain't as absent minded as me. Maybe it's an age thing ;-)

Loving the launcher if I could only wire it up to receive messages ;-)

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