Advanced Geocaching Tool for Linux - Version 0.4.0

D. Fett fett_mokokernel at
Tue Oct 6 15:15:08 CEST 2009

A new version is out and there are lots of new features:

- Added cool command line interface! See below for features.
- Completely new search feature
- New "marking" feature: Mark interesting geocaches and get back to them
- Added upper bound for visible caches to improve speed
- Added upscaling of missing map tiles
- Changed image loading*
- Don't redraw map on movement if your position isn't shown anyway
- Changed quality indicator to see how exact the shown position is. Shows if
DPGS-Satellites (SBAS) are in sight.
- Recursive retrieval of geocaches. Download more geocaches with one click.
- bearing-hold function now works.
- better map drawing: see faster, which tiles are missing
- better hint decoding
- added python-json dependency
- Faster downloading of geocaches. 
- Removed exporting function until it is adapted to the new downloader 
- Smaller default size for use on netbooks

* To have all the images of a cache available, re-download your geocaches. 

The package is available as a PyPi-package for all newer python
distributions. For Ubuntu, all you have to do is:
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install agtl

An (slightly outdated) debian package for older python distributions is
available (see

These are the features of the new CLI:

./agtl set [options]
        Change the configuration.
./agtl import [importactions] 
        Fetch geocaches from and write to the internal
./agtl import [importactions] do [actions]
        Fetch geocaches from, put them into the internal
database and do whatever actions are listed.
./agtl filter [filter-options] do [actions]
        Query the internal database for geocaches and do the desired
./agtl import [importactions] filter [filter-options] do [actions]
        Import geocaches, put them into the internal database, filter the
imported geocaches and run the actions. 
./agtl sql "SELECT * FROM geocaches WHERE ... ORDER BY ... LIMIT ..." do
        Select geocaches from local database and run the actions afterwards.
Additional use of the filter is also supported. To get more information, run
"./agtl sql".
        --user(name) username
        --pass(word) password
                Your login data. 
        --in coord1 coord2
                Fetches the index of geocaches between the given
                These are interpreted as the corners of a rectangle. All
                within the rectangle are retrieved. No details are
        --around coord radius-in-km
                Fetches the index of geocaches at the given coordinate and
                kilometers around it. No details are retrieved.

        --in coord1 coord2
        --around coord1 radius-in-km
                See import actions.
                Filter out geocaches which have (not) been found by the
                caches which have full detail information available
        -s|--size (min|max) 1..4|micro|small|regular|huge|other
                Specify a minimum or maximum size. If min/max is not given,
                only geocaches with the given size.
        -d|--difficulty (min|max) 1.0..5.0
        -t|--terrain (min|max) 1.0..5.0
                Filter out geocaches by difficulty or terrain.
        -T|--type type,type,...
         type: virtual|regular|unknown|multi|event
                Only show geocaches of the given type(s)
        -o|--owner owner-search-string
        -n|--name name-search-string
        -i|--id id-search-string
                Search owner, name (title) or id of the geocaches.
                Caches which were downloaded in current session. Useful to
                get alerted when new caches arrive.
                Default action, prints tab-separated list of geocaches
                Downloads Descriptions etc. for selected geocaches
        --export-html folder
                Dumps HTML pages to given folder
        --command command
                Runs command if more than one geocache has survived the
                The placeholder %s is replaced by a shell-escaped list of

        Not implemented yet:
        --export-gpx folder
                Dumps geocaches into separate GPX files
        --export-single-gpx file
                Dumps selected geocaches into a single GPX file
        --draw-map zoom file
                Draws one big JPEG file with the positions of the selected
        --draw-maps zoom folder [tiles]
                Draws a small JPEG image for every geocache. 
Preferred format for coordinates:
    'N49 44.111 E6 29.123'
    'N49.123456 E6.043212'

Instead of a coordinate, you may also query for a place name.
Just start the string with 'q:':
    'q:Brisbane, Australia'

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