QtMoko v14 GPRS

Nekron dect at noordsee.de
Thu Oct 8 14:35:39 CEST 2009

Hi Radek,

thanks for your great updates on QtMoko which makes it my fav Freerunner
distribution I use. 

Now that I got an O2 mobile flat I tried yesterday to set up GPRS. I
noticed a few things which are maybe unclear or not (yet) working.

- if I set the GPRS mode to allways online. After a few seconds or maybe a
minute QTM gui freezes and I have to restart it (a bug has already been
- I found a workaround using the "when needed" option and setting the
timeout to never which makes my GPRS connection stay always online :-)
- GSM multiplexing is not working. When I am online I can not receive
calls. How hard would it to integrate gsm07mux for this?
- when I place a call beeing online the GPRS connection stops working.
However when I try to connect again after my call has finished I do not get
GPRS working again and have to reboot QTE.

Good things I noticed:

- the email client works best with IMAP IDLE so you can have email push
- when QTM is suspended it wakes up when the imap server sends a
notification and gets the new mail. Well, I havent checked out if I stay
longer than 30 mins suspended and this works, too

Cheers and please keep up your good work!

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