QtMoko v14

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Thu Oct 8 16:44:12 CEST 2009

ghislain wrote:

> Every time a new version arrives I provide the Freerunner Community in the
> Netherlands with an alternative download on  http://www.openmobile.nl/
> openmobile.nl  (this site is in Dutch).

Great, thanks. This is very welcome. In fact i dont know how much
bandwidth is allowed on my (activationrecord.net) server so every mirror
is welcome.

> I also changes some basic things to the standard QtMoko version:
> * I create an sdCard installer (Android alike, by flashing qi, rootfs,
> kernel)


> * I add some packages (pkg-fso-keyring vim ntpdate nfs-common mtd-utils
> flite)

pkg-fso-keyring should have already in my image, but until now i was
lazy to figure out how to install it :)

> * I add a working version of Navit  (under QX), with speech (flite) with an
> working map (Benelux) on the sdCard under the MapsNavit folder
> * I change the defaults of the fstab (swap on 2nd partition of sdCard),
> nfs-mount to host ( /media/jffs2
> Maybe this is handy for the rest of the community too? Take a look at the
> latest (V14) installer-image: 
> http://www.openmobile.nl/pages/downloads.php#qtm14 QtMoko V14 Installer
> Image  and let me know if this is something you all like or if there need to
> be some changes.

Nice pages, good work, thanks!


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