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Aditya Gandhi aditya.g8 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 12:20:49 CEST 2009

Ideas of various applications that be made for neofreerunner.

First a little bit about me, so you don't start abusing me....

I'm a newbie to linux and an electronics engineer not a programmer, though
have worked on non-os embedded systems.
*Mini Joystick*

1) I wish to make a small portable mini joystick for the phone, and a stand
so it can be used as a gaming device. (Play mario and contra) Port SDL and
the games along with it.


2) Port Rockbox a an application/seperate boot os (like hp quickplay)

*Bluetooth console*

3) Use Bluetooth on the device, connect it to the PC via a serial port and
use it as the console.

*Vanilla OS*

4) Install a custom linux with bare minimum things to boot up, answer calls
and msgs, keep it as an alternative battery saving os! (Vanilla Os). maybe
even no GUI.

*USB to TV
5) This one is a little to far fetched an Idea but maybe it is possible.
Make a program to stream decoded video to usb , and a external small
portable usb device to convert it to rf or component video to be seen over
tv clearly.

*Accelerometer based Joystick*

6) Make a software which reads the accelerometer's and sends the data to the
pc, maybe map 4-5 keys on the screen. Use a standard joystick HID!!

* Eyes for Robot*

7) Use a webcam and a base robot , to guide through obstacles. (just for

*Serial port / Programmer
8) Use it to program via serial port AVR , pic and other 8 bit
micro-controllers. Also use it as serial terminal port through Ft2322 for
micro-controllers .

9) Use usb port through ft2322 for JTAG debugging on other arm/embedded


*1) Make a software which uses wifi to connect to the PS3 and emulate a psp.
(Maybe it is already there)
Car Computer

2) Monitor car computer via openmoko, tweak it.

*Assembly OS
3) Write the fastest OS using assembly, let the executable size be 5 Mb with
all apps!! (This one is Stupid I know, but just sometimes you have a hitch
maybe this is the fastest)

*Assembly Vanilla Os
4) Maybe my previous point can be used for making the low power os

*Phone to Phone USB
5) Freerunner to Freerunner direct connectivity through USB. (Applications
are limit less) Phone to phone charging, file sharing, co-processing,
Application interface, Gaming, etc. While saving a lot of Power, other than
charging of course!!

*Emulate Symbian OS 9.3
6) Emulate Symbian Os so we can use all their apps!! I know it would be Evil
but why not?? I really like some of their apps....
Silicon Cell Body

7) Replace external plastic case with silicon cell for solar energy
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