Where do I discuss these Ideas??

Aditya Gandhi aditya.g8 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 21:41:29 CEST 2009

Hi Rhn,
Oh nice, see as far as openmoko is concerned you dont have to do much.
I will soon be making a board on which I will have USB connection to the
open moko,
A web cam , sensors and a motor driver. The hardware is fairly simple, I'll
explain why....
Its a usb hub with external power (3.3 1200MAh Lithium Ion with convertor to
A web cam, a simple atmega microcontroller with the usb code for sensors and
motor control.

So you just have to detect the camera use it in a program and the atmega as
a simple HID device and control the motor.

I will upload the firmware & the board designs once I'm done, so everyone
can use it.
Once we have the basic system running we can have extendded abilities, like
bluetooth connectivity, wi-fi etc. Applications are far more than we can
think of now....But thats at a later stage.

And as far as computing power of neo is concerned I really plan to make a
stripped out version of the kernel, maybe even without a gui to run my apps,
I believe a 400Mhz processor is enough for the purpose. Lets se as I
calculate how do I plan to do my Image processing and How much ram and
processor speed is needed.

 So here is what we can do before we try it on Freerunner, Make a virtual
pc, slow it down a lot , maybe a arm emulator only. Run linux kernel, and
try our hardware at 200 Mhz, 300 Mhz and optimise the code. Then compile it
for the neo.
Just a brief overview.

Now I want people to correct me here, If there is a better way to impliment

>Hi Aditya
> >
>Actually, that's even closer to what I'm going to do. The main part of the
> project is >discovering ways to detect objects autonomously, with the FR
> riding the vehicle. I'd use GPS >if I had a bigger robot, but I'm afraid
> that's not an option :)
> >I have little experience in handling camera input, too, and I'm not
> concerned about >Freerunner's computing power.
> >Thanks for your offer. I'd be happy if I could share my new experiences,
> too.
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