[SHR-U] Keyboard layouts for extremely fat fingers

Michael Smith michael.smith at netapps.com.au
Sat Oct 10 23:27:25 CEST 2009

On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 23:05:43 +0200
pike <pike-openmoko at kw.nl> wrote:

> Hi
> > I occasionally need the terminal layout so I may attempt a new
>  > version of that one as well.
> actually the 'type' of  Alpha.kbd
> is set to 'TERMINAL' instead of  'ALPHA'.
> I haven't noticed any difference though.
> I think it's the quotes around the second
> character that makes it use the dictionray
> prediction.
> One character I was instantly missing was
> the ":". I had to use the 'Terminal' layout
> to type a smiley :-)

Yes I did that because I was trying to inhibit the predictive behaviour of the alphabetical keyboard to make it more like the terminal keyboard. I wrote these layouts for my wife so she could use the phone without a stylus. She has a strong dislike for predictive "T9" style input methods. On her Motorola she prefers to press every key three times when typing an SMS.

She is traveling soon but decided not to take the openmoko because it doesn't have a UI to display sent SMS messages. Also it was a bit tricky to use.

I will set those layouts to the correct type and reissue them in the next couple of days. I will also see what I can do about the colon character.
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