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Hi guys, I've post this question on the IRC channel andunfortunately I face
that the IRC is abbandoned, only KenYoung answered (Thanks for being there).
I think that IRC makes our lifes more easier. PLEASE DON'T LET IT DIE!!!!!

After this request, this is my question:

I'm using my FR (with SHR - last) as main phone. I experienced sometimes
that when I start SHR, GSM functions doesn't start
I don't know how can I check any log or how can I start manually GSM
services, I type /etc/init.d/frameworkd restart, but I don't know if it's
supossed to solve this issue. Can you give me some advices to take in count
when I have this problem?

What I'm doing was:
it happens to me few hours ago, I was renaming icons of the desktop so I can
have them in the order I want
when I was editing pidgin.desktop I save the file (I was connected via SSH)
and got an error message that give me two choices: Restart - Stop
I press Stop and it goes to the terminal and hangs on a message: restarting
so I power down by removing the battery (I know, the ugly way) and wait a
few seconds to put it back again. When I power on the FR again, when SHR
starts, I don't have GSM services
I let the FR without any intervention a few minutes and it never get GSM
active, I tried restarting frameworkd and it doesn't do anything

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