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On Mon, 2009-10-12 at 20:58 -0500, Cristian Gómez wrote:
> Hi guys, I've post this question on the IRC channel andunfortunately I
> face that the IRC is abbandoned, only KenYoung answered (Thanks for
> being there). I think that IRC makes our lifes more easier. PLEASE
> After this request, this is my question:

IRC actually quite active - keep in mind most of the IRC population
seems to keep european day time and is quiet about now.

> I'm using my FR (with SHR - last) as main phone. I experienced
> sometimes that when I start SHR, GSM functions doesn't start
> I don't know how can I check any log or how can I start manually GSM
> services, I type /etc/init.d/frameworkd restart, but I don't know if
> it's supossed to solve this issue. Can you give me some advices to
> take in count when I have this problem?

What distro? - I find this  happens to me a lot - so much so that I have
a desktop icon named "Reset" :)  Write a script that stops the xserver,
and various fso services, kill -9 any remnants such as battget and then
restart the xserver which will start the services again.  For shr-u, GSM
is handled by fso-abyss and frameworkd so make sure they are dead after
stopping the service before restarting the xserver.

If its properly hung, you will find that things wont shut down cleanly
so the kill is often necessary - which would explain why frameworkd on
its own didnt work.  May take a few goes before it sorts itself out.
Occasionally it will be so fu-barred that you will need to remove the
battery for 30 seconds to get it to work again.


> What I'm doing was:
> it happens to me few hours ago, I was renaming icons of the desktop so
> I can have them in the order I want
> when I was editing pidgin.desktop I save the file (I was connected via
> SSH) and got an error message that give me two choices: Restart - Stop
> I press Stop and it goes to the terminal and hangs on a message:
> restarting xserver
> so I power down by removing the battery (I know, the ugly way) and
> wait a few seconds to put it back again. When I power on the FR again,
> when SHR starts, I don't have GSM services
> I let the FR without any intervention a few minutes and it never get
> GSM active, I tried restarting frameworkd and it doesn't do anything
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