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On Tue, 13 Oct 2009 07:51:42 +0200, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean at>  

> Today, with the greatest of pleasure, I am ready to share with you the
> birth of our third product -- WikiReader. Three simple buttons put
> three million Wikipedia articles in the palm of your hand. Accessible
> immediately, anytime, anywhere without requiring an Internet
> connection. No strings attached. With WikiReader you'll be prepared
> for those unexpected moments when curiosity strikes. And once you have
> it, you'll realize how often you ask yourself questions during the
> day.

This is great, congratulations on the launch! The device sounds  
interesting, and the price is affordable.

As I understand, it contains a snapshot of English Wikipedia. Can I  
somehow make a snapshot of a different wiki, for example, Russian  
Wikipedia, and put it on the device? Other MediaWiki-based installations?  
What about non-wiki books, can I convert them to a format the device  

I've long wanted to get myself a e-ink device, but hesitate to get one  
that can only do one thing, read English Wikipedia. To what extent is it  

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