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Tue Oct 13 12:27:36 CEST 2009

* Sean Moss-Pultz wrote, Il 13/10/2009 07:51:
> Dear Community!
> Today, with the greatest of pleasure, I am ready to share with you the
> birth of our third product -- WikiReader. Three simple buttons put
> three million Wikipedia articles in the palm of your hand. Accessible
> immediately, anytime, anywhere without requiring an Internet
> connection. No strings attached. With WikiReader you'll be prepared
> for those unexpected moments when curiosity strikes. 

Good idea Sean, really. I'm sure that it will be 100% hackable, it's
even without GSM blob!
It will be converted also in a good e-book reader, i presume. It's also
a really good idea to make co-marketing with Wikipedia, finally some
business that works. I expect a good success especially from students
and young people.

Please, send us some more technical specification, real photos, etc etc.
What's about the LCD? It's an e-ink o what kind of technology that
consume so low power?

When it will be shipped to Europe?

Anyway, my congratulation: you and Openmoko demonstrated that making
good business with openess is possible!


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