new Android Cupcake release for Freerunner

Al Johnson openmoko at
Tue Oct 13 17:39:00 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 13 October 2009, Jim Ancona wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 8:36 PM, Al Johnson
> <openmoko at> wrote:
> > On Monday 12 October 2009, Levy wrote:
> >> On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 20:34, Aditya Gandhi <aditya.g8 at> wrote:
> >> > That is so sad to hear google android without maps, gmail, etc... is
> >> > there anyway to get those binaries and have them run on freerunner??
> >>
> >> One time I made a test with Gmail.apk that I got from a G1 and did not
> >> work! ! :-(
> >
> > No surprise there. The G1 has a later family of ARM cpu with instructions
> > the FR doesn't support.
> No, that's not the reason. With the exception of those built with the
> new native development kit, apk's (the Android application packaging
> format) run in the Dalvik VM and are processor independent. AFAIK, the
> issue with is only missing APIs. Of course, that doesn't make Gmail
> run any better, but it does mean that apps that are developed using
> the public APIs and don't use the NDK should run across Android
> platforms regardless of the underlying processor. And in fact, almost
> all of the (non-Google) apps I've tried seem to run on my Freerunner.

Should have known. That's what happens when I post past my bedtime ;-)

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