evopedia 0.2.3 release

Christian christian at exinto.de
Tue Oct 13 23:42:16 CEST 2009

Yaroslav Halchenko schrieb:
> GREAT JOB!!!!!
> I would advice to tag and git push --tags, that would make github
> automagically generate tarballs for the releases available in 
> http://github.com/crei/evopedia/downloads

Thanks for the hint.

> Would it be possible also to sanitize dumps to exclude images and
> provide those from your webpage (as well as full dumps)? that
> might make english version fit within available free space on my SD ;)

I don't really understand. There should be no images in the dumps at
all, only html files and coordinate information as symlinks. The images
are only loaded from the wikipedia servers if there is a connection to
the internet.

Thanks for your interest in the project. I wonder if I can learn
something from WikiReader...


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