Tips when GSM doesn't work

Cristian Gómez cristianpark at
Wed Oct 14 04:11:20 CEST 2009

Thank you so much to all of you for your answers. I can't determine what was
the problem, I changed the SIM and it works and after a while I put the *bad
SIM again and it works well after that. I notice another thing that happened
to me today: My FR doesn't wake up after a suspend, like it was on deep
sleep mode. I tried calling to the FR and it rings but it wasn't noticeable
by any event on the FR. Unfortunally again, it only have happened this time
so I don't have any log or something :S if it happens again, I'll try to
grab some information about it.

Until now I'm with the *bad SIM working well.

Did your FR suffer from an impact? Or do you think your problem is software
> related?

Niels, this is not my case but thanks for the advice to try to not let fall
the FR. I hope yours doesn't have any serious damage and you can figure out
what was affected with the fall

Thanks again for your answers

* Bad as the SIM that give me the problem

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