Broken Freerunner.. CPU stall messages.. repairable?

Thomas Franck thomas.franck at
Wed Oct 14 10:52:04 CEST 2009

Maksim 'max_posedon' Melnikau wrote:
> As for you, I defently don't understand why you can't boot from uSD, plz
> try some very old images.

Will hopefully be able to try some more tonight..

In the end I ordered a new FR.. got it yesterday.. :D
Hope to get the other one up and running again, though.

What I found weird, though, is: I put my old 8GB SD card in the new one
(I used the 512MB card for the booting tests) and it had a very hard
time with it (a lot of bad sectors).. now, I put the card the adapter
and the reader.. and fdisk wouldn't even open the partition table of
it.. :O I could understand data loss on the ext3 partition there, but
the first few kilos should not have been touched when the battery was
suddenly "removed"...

Has anyone ever had that? I mean that an sdcard get's fubar-ed by a g-shock?

Very strange.. :S  anyway, I'll try to boot some more the the 512MB
card.. is there a way to tell whether the FR is booting from the SD
compared to the NAND? can I erase the NAND rootfs somehow?


Adapting old programs to fit new machines usually means adapting new
machines to behave like old ones.
  - Alan J. Perlis

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