boot mmc problems

ik idokan at
Thu Oct 15 12:40:13 CEST 2009

Hello list,

I'm having problems booting from the uSD since I installed (once) Android on
my Neo FreeRunner (I removed it since then).
At first it claimed it can not boot from mmc, and now it claims it can not
find any boot partition and Kernel image.
It seems like it does not access the memory card at all, because even when I
extract the card from the phone, it has the same error.
I reburned u-boot and configured it to boot from uSD, but it still claim the
same errors. The same error exists both on NOR and NAND, so I do not think
it's a u-boot error.
I burned the same kernel and rootfs of SHR to the phone itself and it works,
but with the uSD it just have this error messages.

Any ideas how to understand what is wrong and how to solve it ?

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