GSM errors after 1024 fix

arne anka openmoko at
Thu Oct 15 12:48:50 CEST 2009

try the other muxer, gsmwhatsitsname, instead.
to me it seems, fso-abyss has detoriated into almost unusability over the  
last months.

when is started with it, month ago, it worked flawlessly, after doing an  
update to a more recent version of fso in july/august, zhone had issues  
requesting the gsm once in a while.
i updated to the latest fso packages of debian tuesday and zhone would not  
connect to fso at all -- something about not being able to enable gsm, gsm  
being in state enabling or to that effect.
before, i could restart frameworkd and it worked, last resort was reboot.
after several frameworkd restarts and two reboots i decided to revert to  
gsmwhtsitsnamemuxer, which seems to work far better (though with some  
minor flaws. connection to network is sometimes lost and i need to call  
twice to actually call).

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