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> Did you notice that if we are strict=2C the mailing list has exactly as
> much to do with Wikireader as with Freerunner..
> community at
> -> to me it sound's like the mailing list is for community discussion
> of Openmoko procudts. I think it includes Wikireader.

Yes it's a openmoko community list so both products can be discussed. Stric=
tly speaking you're 100% correct. However=2C it would make a lot more sense=
 to have separate lists for the FR and the WikiReader.
- Not everybody interested in the FR is also interested in the Wikireader a=
nd vice versa.
- Given the traffic we already have on the list=2C adding another topic cou=
ld render the list useless.
My suggestion would be to set up a separate list (either for FR or Wikiread=
er or both). This would help the community and the user adoption of both de=
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