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Fri Oct 16 00:50:07 CEST 2009

Niels Heyvaert escribió:
>> How about first waiting to see the specs & hear how hackable it is etc
>> to guesstimate how much community will there be around it and use this
>> to guess if it makes sense to start a new list?
> You mean=2C let's wait until it becomes a problem and than we'll think abou=
> t how to control the situation and pray to God some FR people will still be=
>  on the list after the dust has settled?
> You personally might think it is not a problem while others don't want to b=
> e bothered with it and already see it as a problem.=20
> I still go for the pragmatic approach: two completely separate gizmos =3D t=
> wo different user groups =3D two different lists
> You can always subscribe to multiple lists if you want.

But we can always ask for those who write about Wikireader to use a
[wikireader] tag on the subject. That way you can filter everything with
that tag, so it  never gets to you inbox. We have done that with the
distros and it has worked quite good.

This is good couse it's still an Openmoko product, and it concerns to
the Openmoko community. I'm willing to read about it on the community
updates too, 'couse that's not just about the FR anyway.

My 2 centavos.


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