True USB plug and play experience

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Fri Oct 16 15:27:51 CEST 2009

Dear list,

I have using my laptop+2 Freerunners since more than a
month now with this setup.

I have written down this tutorial, because I have promised
to Paul Fertser:-)

It is working fine with ubuntu 9.04(jaunty), but I have difficulty
with 8.10 (intrepid) my gf's laptop, maybe
it is dependent on the Networkmanager version, maybe my
memory is a little bit fuzzy, as I setup a month ago originally.
So please test it and report.

What are the achieved features you may ask, here it goes:
* manually assigned IP to the freerunner (no DHCP wait)
* each freerunner recognised and separate name is assigned to it. (ie.
when I plug my freerunner in my laptop, it displays "Laci's moko")
* a script is executed when the freerunner is plugged in
 (it set up the iptables rule currently for the network, but it will
 (in the future) also auto-sync some stuff with my laptop))
* I can access the internet from the freerunner without problem (no
need any manual command typed in the terminal)
* Each freerunner is recognised individually, and the appropriate part
of the script is executed

Please respect this work, as it took several days,
and some heavy help from NetworkManager's developers (namely dcbw,
asac and NoelJB)
to fully setup and debug it. It had various problems and headaches.

I hope you enjoy using it, and report back how is it going.
I personally love the plug and play experience.

Best regards,

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