evopedia 0.2.3 release

Christian christian at exinto.de
Fri Oct 16 17:47:06 CEST 2009

Klaus Fürth schrieb:
> Hi!
> Christian schrieb am 08.10.2009 23:51:
>> evopedia version 0.2.3 is ready, the main new features include:
> Great app, thank you very much! I love it!
> Do you plan to cache the downloaded images for offline use (with 
> user-defineable size)? This would be a great feature. A pre-cache-fill 
> (for example with images of most popular sites) would be great.

At the moment, this is not planned. Actually evopedia has nothing to do
wth downloading the images, this is done by the browser (of course, it
could be changed). Perhaps you can try to configure the browser to cache
the images. I don't think that downloading some images in advance is a
good idea. That's at least not how I use evopedia, I don't read popular
pages, but of course, if the community convinces me, I will implement it.

Kind regards,

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