deep sleep on Android, was Re: QtMoko v14

Petr Vanek vanous at
Sat Oct 17 14:28:37 CEST 2009

>> now, if i have FR with hw fix of bug # 1024, what would i have to
>> change to get the Calypso to sleep deeply? Cannot see anything on the
>should contain:
>change to either auto or always. Pretty sure these were the two options
>though I can't remember if qtmoko did auto... always should turn it on
>though. If you search the list, I'm pretty sure it was mentioned a
>while back.

thank you. i am trying to search but no luck... Would anyone know the
about same setup for Android? I am trying to place it all into one
page [1] for those who have already got the 1024 fix.

thank you


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