[SHR] new illume + elm theme

Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 01:18:15 CEST 2009

Baruch Even wrote:
> Hi,
> Bernd Prünster wrote:
>> gry* ist ready for public release!
> I tried it now and it looks really nice, not something quirky as nEo and 
> still feels faster. I like the quick access buttons at the bottom, 
> though I don't need the usb-mode one and would rather just have a dialer 
> button instead.
this at the bottom is called flaunch, the nEo theme already utilized it 
and the niebiee theme also uses it.
i dunno what it was intenden for when it whas creatad as part fo illume 
(the default illuem theme doesn't use it)
thsi si how it works: 3 starters can be placed there, if not specified 
which, the first three .desktop files are used.
how to specity: chosses 3 apps you want to have placed in flaunch by 
editing their respective .desktop files:
declare System;Settings;Bar in as category -> starters will disappear 
from your illuem desktop and ONLY appear in flaunch.
you can use it in combination with sortdesk to have 4 (four) virtual 
desktops: i postet a howto at jmccloud.jm.funpic.de [1].

[1] http://jmccloud.jm.funpic.de/?p=83


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