Launcher 0.37

c_c cchandel at
Sun Oct 18 04:29:25 CEST 2009


Jesus McCloud wrote:
> 2words: pure awesomeness!
  Thanks! :-)

Jesus McCloud wrote:
> the greatest advantage over shr apps is how amazingly fast it is. this 
> beats every other phone i've seen (phonelog, contacts, msgs).
> it is amazing!
> keep up the great work!
  Well, I suppose that's because it loads everything in memory in one go.
Glad you liked it though. Do send me feedback on what can be improved. I'm
probably not going to have much time till the end of the month - but the
ideas will get implemented sooner than later.
  The svn has been updated with a few fixes and changes in the configuration
dialog. Will post an ipk after adding some features to the sms and contacts

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