Sync Calendar with evolution

Michael Pilgermann kichkasch at
Sun Oct 18 20:41:57 CEST 2009


I filed a feature request for that on PISI

I am really short in time these days; that will be better from December
onwards; I will have a deeper look then.

best regards

PS: I have almost finished syncml support for PISI ... but - not before
December again ...

Ali wrote:
> Hi, is anyone working on an opensync plugin for qtmoko? I'm really
> starting to miss the ability to sync my calendar automatically- and I
> love qtmoko. I guess I could install evolution on the phone but that's
> way overkill and will probably bring my phone to a crawl. That being
> said, at this point I don't care which distro I have to use to sync, I
> just want it to happen.
> I've heared of a program called Pisi, will it sync directly with
> evolution on my desktop, or do I have to use google calendar as a middle
> man?
> Long question short, what are the distros/programs I can use to sync my
> calendar in evolution to the freerunner, preferably without using the
> internet? 
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