fso-abyss docs anywhere? (Was: GSM errors after 1024 fix)

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sun Oct 18 22:05:07 CEST 2009

>    How did you ever get it to work in the first place? I noticed the  
> Debian
> package appearing and installed it, but never found all of the required
> documentation to actually use it:

i don't remember exactly, but i think the only change was setting the  
muxer to fso-abyss in frameworkd.conf.

> [snip]
>> after several frameworkd restarts and two reboots i decided to revert to
>> gsmwhtsitsnamemuxer, which seems to work far better
>    Where 'far better' means crashes at the slightest provocation (such as
> (trying to) ping across a GPRS connection).

well, yeah.
once a month i get a call -- and it happened, when using  
gsmwhatsitsnamemuxer. fr rang but i couldn't pick up :-(
switched back to fso-abyss, which loses connection on resume -- no calls  
at all.

for the time being i switched to shr-u, which i flashed last time my  
debian/fso broke.
at least telephony is working so far.

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