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> I'm using SHR Unstable as a daily phone. Has quirks=2C but IMHO SHR Testi=
ng should
> become what SHR Unstable is right now before the next sync.
> What date is your SHR-u from? I'm using one from August with some updates=
 and I miss phone calls from time to time. Is there a new one that seems to=
 have reliable telephony?
> I would advice to go to the latest unstable from 6 of September!

I would advice to stay away from the September release and stick to the Aug=
ust one. It's a mess. For example:
- FR is ringing=2C but no screen to pick up
- Answering second incomming call is still borked=2C despite some work on i=
- Incomming call during shutdown results in infinite loop of vibrating batt=
ery and playing sound
- Random crashes of phone log application
- Phone refusing to suspend and keeps waking up after only a few seconds
I've been rebooting and removing the battery to get the phone back to its s=
ences almost every day now. This did not happen with the August release.
My experience with the August release was a lot more stable.=20
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