Desktop based on openbox and idesk

Matthias Huber matthias.huber at
Mon Oct 19 07:36:44 CEST 2009

As is see, the prob with bzip is solved. :-)
(i was wrong, because of too short reading your mail)

Ali schrieb:
> 1. BATT and NET could be replaced with small icons and that would make
> room for the time on the right- but the bottom may still look crampped
I will try to implement it.
> 2. Maybe have the time go down vertically on the right side of the
> screen. Ghetto diagram for clarity:
> (icon) (icon) (icon) (icon)
> (icon)                     H
> (icon)                     H
> (icon)                     :   
>                            M
> BATT: x% -  NET: x%        M
> oh, and wtf is with the messaging app having an icon that says news?
> Seems more suited for an rss aggregator. Great otherwise, illume never
> did it for me- maybe it was that iphoney look. 
God point, i'll try it out.

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