[SHR] new illume + elm theme

Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 16:57:20 CEST 2009

Marcel wrote:
> Moin!
> Here I am with the next issue... ;)
> Tried to set up opimd-messages for flaunch. The categories line in
> opimd-messages.desktop looks like this:
> Categories=System;Settings;Bar (tried with and without trailing ';')
> The icon disappears from the desktop, but doesn't show up in flaunch.
> And against your description, not the first three icons are used but
> shr-contacts, -dialer and -messages. (I want the opimd ones in there.)
> Mine or your fault? :)
> --
> Marcel
Seems that since the niebiee theme and the nEo theme are in the feeds, 
the shr apps' (shr-dialer, shr-contacts, shr-messages) categories 
include 'Bar',
and since only three apps can be placed in flaunch, and flaunch is 
already full with these three your app won't show up.
so you have to alter the shr-messages', shr-contacts', shr dialer's 
categories and remove Bar.
then your opimd messages will show up (if you also want it to be 
displayed in launcher copy the categories line from one of the shr apps).
by the way: a new version of the theme is available at opkg.org wih 
improved boot-screen


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