[SHR] new illume + elm theme

Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 07:50:46 CEST 2009

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> Nice compromise, I like its speed and readability, but could you enable
> a little the shadows and the transparency?
> I figure they don't take away so much power, but they're very useful for
> having a visual separation of different fields (for example, the top
> shelf and an the desktop, or the top shelf and any other elm
> application), 
i'm on it
> or in frames/scrollers for example for locating keyboard
> entries...
are you talking about the "scroll bars" in elm?
> I also miss a lot the transparency/shadow of the inwin (the gray
> background is ugly and often doesn't allow to look at the needed subwin
> content).
on it aswell
> However many thanks for this work.
> PS: how long would speed down the white glow for button click feedback?
i refuse glow
i generally only use images where i have to, so everything will stay 
crystal clear using software_16
also i am not a big fan of the glow... however i could enable a little 
animation like i used in the nEo theme for buttons (but maybe this is 
what you meant in the first place)

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