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David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Tue Oct 20 13:56:46 CEST 2009

Hi Lazlo
I was trying to follow your tutorial of USB plug and play but I have a doubt,
How did you find the UUID and the MacAddress? last  one I guess if the
HWaddr of usb0 interface if you do Ifconfig from the freerunner  but I
don't know where start to find the UUID thing.
Regards and thanks a lot for the Tutorial :)

David Reyes Samblas Martinez
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2009/10/16 Laszlo KREKACS <laszlo.krekacs.list at>:
> Dear list,
> I have using my laptop+2 Freerunners since more than a
> month now with this setup.
> I have written down this tutorial, because I have promised
> to Paul Fertser:-)
> It is working fine with ubuntu 9.04(jaunty), but I have difficulty
> with 8.10 (intrepid) my gf's laptop, maybe
> it is dependent on the Networkmanager version, maybe my
> memory is a little bit fuzzy, as I setup a month ago originally.
> So please test it and report.
> What are the achieved features you may ask, here it goes:
> * manually assigned IP to the freerunner (no DHCP wait)
> * each freerunner recognised and separate name is assigned to it. (ie.
> when I plug my freerunner in my laptop, it displays "Laci's moko")
> * a script is executed when the freerunner is plugged in
>  (it set up the iptables rule currently for the network, but it will
>  (in the future) also auto-sync some stuff with my laptop))
> * I can access the internet from the freerunner without problem (no
> need any manual command typed in the terminal)
> * Each freerunner is recognised individually, and the appropriate part
> of the script is executed
> Please respect this work, as it took several days,
> and some heavy help from NetworkManager's developers (namely dcbw,
> asac and NoelJB)
> to fully setup and debug it. It had various problems and headaches.
> I hope you enjoy using it, and report back how is it going.
> I personally love the plug and play experience.
> Best regards,
>  Laszlo
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