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Wed Oct 21 05:10:59 CEST 2009


Petr Vanek wrote:
> i tried to use the clear log function, but a crash occures every time,
> and no calls are deleted i guess:
  Could you post a version of the errors which are a little more readable?
  This works for me. I can't test it much - need to have something to delete
after the test. But that is no reason it should work for everyone else.
 Could someone else confirm the error? Are you using sqlite-message backend
(just checking)?

Ed Kapitein wrote:
> I wrote a script a while ago that does just that: 
  From what I remember, the rtc alarm can be used to set just the next
alarm. It would become tedious to do so for say 200 contacts with say 1
b'day and 1 anniversary = 400 alarms. I was looking for a better set things
once and forget kind of a method.
  Thanks for the tip though - I might have to use something like the array
if nothing better turns up.

Vikas Saurabh wrote:
> well, this might not be totally helpful, but ffalarms does that using
> atd
  I tried looking at the code in ffalarms - but couldn't put in enough time.
An example would help.

vendion wrote:
> It doesn't seem to want to work with 20091012 release of SHR Unstable 
  That's odd, I thought shr-u had Can you
check what version you have? You can create links to the version you have -
but it is tedious. Have you thought about upgrading ;)

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> but I should have somewhere also some examples
> I've written for FSO. 
  That should really help!

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> I did go through your code (after implementing the wake alarm as suggested
> by you :) I was hoping something like this might be in FSO or OPIM - so I
> can just set up alarms in an at file and forget about the rest of the
> processing. Seems like I'll have to do more work after all ;)
  Thanks for all the info.
  BTW clicking at the top of the screen in launcher (in the place where the
missed call or the new sms indication appears) opens the phonelog on missed
call category and the sms app. Also, clicking on the far right end of the
top part in launcher shows a test window for a notification. The code to
show a notification with a message button and the app to run on clicking the
message button exists. For now the message button starts intone.
  Just waiting to get the notification service going. This should really
help a lot of scripting in my opinion.
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