Launcher Release 0.39

Petr Vanek vanous at
Wed Oct 21 09:05:39 CEST 2009

>> i tried to use the clear log function, but a crash occures every
>> time, and no calls are deleted i guess:
>  Could you post a version of the errors which are a little more
> readable?

no problem, here it is, including a few highlighted comments:

>  This works for me. I can't test it much - need to have something to
> delete

i can supply my sqlite-calls.db, where shell i send it to?

>after the test. But that is no reason it should work for everyone else.
> Could someone else confirm the error? Are you using sqlite-message
> backend
>(just checking)?

root at om-gta02 ~ $ grep call /etc/frameworkd.conf 
calls_default_backend = SQLite-Calls

more details:

root at om-gta02 ~ $ uname -a
Linux om-gta02 2.6.29-rc3 #1 PREEMPT Sat Oct 3 08:08:24 CEST 2009
armv4tl unknown

root at om-gta02 ~ $ cat /etc/shr-version 
Tag Name: mv-packages-to-recipes-pre
VERSION: d79130b4d5c0ed800e7deaa468cfea300c2b65c6
Branch: shr/import
Build Host: opmbuild
Time Stamp: Sat, 08 Aug 2009 18:35:43 +0200

frameworkd -

frameworkd-config -

frameworkd-config-shr -

thank you


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