Thomas Zimmermann zimmermann at
Wed Oct 21 09:45:09 CEST 2009

Am Dienstag 20 Oktober 2009 16:59:04 schrieb abatrour:
> Does anyone remember who was assigned to work on glamo while openmoko was
> still developing software?
> I'm trying to round up some of the old crew to see if I can gather some
> knowledge and possibly some code to help get the glamo working as intended.
> I have already contacted koolu and am waiting a response. Does anyone know
> if that Sean guy (sorry forgot his last name) still checks out these
>  forums?
You should look at the IRC Channel, we are speaking nearly every day about 
Xorg and xf86-video-glamo. And xf86-video-glamo is actively developed as you 
can see in the git repo at

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