[shr-u] App Launcher first thoughts

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 13:53:40 CEST 2009

c_c wrote:
> Arigead wrote:
>> Now in one of those previous emails the  author (Well done on a
>> brilliant app) mentioned that an attempt might be made to create a dbus
>> interface to add info to the launcher home screen. Did that go anywhere?
>   Thanks. But that effort didn't go anywhere. I got stuck reading copious
> amount of documentation on dbus but got no single example about how to
> implement a simple service using dbus/e-dbus. Well, maybe I didn't put in
> enough effort since there were other things to do.
>   If someone can point me in the right direction - this is something I
> intend doing.
>   BTW, the birthday and anniversary details in contacts is supposed to
> automatically provide a reminder (configurable from preferences) 'x' no of
> days in advance - provided I can get alarms (which wake up the phone from
> suspend) and the notification dbus service working. Both have been pending
> for some time now.
>   Any ideas?

there are probably a number, any number, of solutions to this.
Personally I've used other mobile phones, of course, and never liked the
solution whereby you get a reminder x no of days in advance. I get the
reminder and promptly forget about it. That's fine if it's an
anniversary that isn't really important, but some you miss at your own

With that in mind I was thinking that in your home screen of Launcher,
if enabled, you'd show the next anniversary or the next two or so if
there's two in very quick succession.

That way every time you look at the phone you see potentially useful
info. The number of days to the date could change the colour of the
information so that you know it's time to panic and just to go for the
back up plan of a bottle of whiskey for a present. Not the best present
for an anniversary but maybe that depends.

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