Desktop based on openbox and idesk

Matthias Huber matthias.huber at
Thu Oct 22 07:57:15 CEST 2009

Thomas Zimmermann schrieb:
> Am Mittwoch 21 Oktober 2009 22:35:38 schrieb ajvogel:
>> Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
>>> To build the whole feed you have to download about 6 GByte of
>>> Sourcepackages.
>>> Just for 1 package it won't be that much, perhaps about 2 GByte.
>>> And during build it will connect several times to some git servers.
>> Unfortunately thats more than I have available. :( and that rules me out
>>  for trying to get openbox/idesk in the feeds. Looks like our only hope is,
>>  that one of the shr-devs that already have an environment setup help with
>>  the compilation and packaging. Anybody?
> I can help you, no problem with that. But i don't know either openbox nor 
> idesk, so all patches must be provided by you. And testing also has to be done 
> by you.
very good, thank you.

there is only one patch for openbox, idesk runs out of the box.

how do we now ?

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