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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Thu Oct 22 08:16:59 CEST 2009

Hi all,

some users of Neo Freerunner devices have experienced a limited  
standby time if the GSM modem goes to the deepest sleep mode. This  
became known as the #1024 bug, because that was the number it got in  
the bug tracker (https://docs.openmoko.org/trac/ticket/1024). The  
software workaround was to disable sleep mode 4 as the default.  
Although there is a description of a hardware rework solution (http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/hardware/2009-May/001192.html 
) we do not expect that you can do it yourself. Therefore, we have  
worked on a professional approach.

With the help of a local SMD specialist company in Munich, Golden  
Delicious Computers can now offer a rework service to those who really  
suffer from this problem. Price is 45 EUR (incl. German VAT of 19%).  
If you combine with the Buzz-Rework (for A5 and A6 versions only) it  
is 75 EUR. And there is a rebate for groups of 5 or 10 units.




	• This service is for the EU harmonized market only (sorry for Norway  
& Switzerland)
	• Customer will send in, get rework and get the device sent back  
within approx. two weeks
	• The 2 way shipping cost will be covered by the customer.
	• When choosing a parcel service, please choose one that allows you  
to track your parcel since we are not responsible for incoming  
parcels. For German customers we recommend Hermes-Versand and for UK  
Royal Mail.
	• Please pack carefully, but just the Neo Freerunner (without  
battery, battery cover, headset, pouch, stylus, SIM card, SDcard  
etc.). We are not responsible for lost accessories - only for the  
device. We strongly recommend to use the original black box.
	• In the rare case that we damage your device, you will get a fresh  
Neo Freerunner (but your data is lost).
	• If you have several Freerunners to rework, please add as many  
Reworks as you want to the shopping cart. This will reduce shipment  
cost compared to several single shipments. And, we offer a volume  
discount to encourage group buys (5: 5%; 10: 10%; 50: 15%). Rebates  
are automatically shown in the shopping cart.

Important notes

	• After payment is done, please follow the Rework Instructions (http://www.handheld-linux.com/images/Instructions.pdf 
	• Please note that we can handle this service only for customers in  
the EU harmonized market because temporary import/export is too  
complicated if we want to avoid that you (or we) have to pay again the  
import tax for your original Freerunner.
	• This is not a Bass-Fix: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GTA02_bass_fix

How to test if my devices works or needs rework

	• obtain a command line (e.g. ssh from outside)
	• open /usr/bin/mickeyterm
	• type these commands (one after the other)
AT+CFUN="1" --- only if CFUN? does not report 1
AT+CPIN="insert your pin"
	• wait some minutes. If you see +CREG: 0 and/or %CSQ: 99, 99, 0 your  
device is "recamping".

here a good device:
+CREG: 2
+CREG: 1,"033F","5BC4"
%CSQ: 13, 99, 1
%CSQ: 7, 99, 0
%CSQ: 10, 99, 1
+CREG: 1,"033F","2992"
%CSQ: 18, 99, 2
%CSQ: 15, 99, 1
and here a bad device:
+CREG: 2
+CREG: 1,"033F","2992"
%CSQ: 15, 99, 1
+CREG: 0
%CSQ: 99, 99, 0
+CREG: 1,"033F","2992"
%CSQ: 18, 99, 2
+CREG: 0
%CSQ: 99, 99, 0
+CREG: 1,"033F","2992"
%CSQ: 17, 99, 1
+CREG: 0

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