Desktop based on openbox and idesk

Thomas Zimmermann zimmermann at
Thu Oct 22 16:45:24 CEST 2009

Am Donnerstag 22 Oktober 2009 13:17:42 schrieb Matthias Huber:
> Thomas Zimmermann schrieb:
> > Send me all information for the recipe, or better a recipe and the needed
> > patch.
> Here we go,
> wenn noch was nicht stimmt, bitte Rückmeldung an mich,
> werd's korrigieren und auf neuere Versionen schauen.
> Viele Grüße,
>      Matze
i commited openbox and obconf.

It builds and packages are avaible at tests/mrmoku/unstable feed:
Do not do opkg upgrade from this feed if you do not know what it is!

idesk does not build, because of some problems with imlib2, have to look a bit 
deeper into it.


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