[QtMoko] minor questions

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Fri Oct 23 07:59:34 CEST 2009

Hello list!

First, I'd like to say BIG THANKS for the great work that you are doing!
I'm really very impressed with the usability, stability and other
features of the QtMoko distribution.
For now I have some minor questions about Qtopia software.
First is - how can I remove application from Favorites tab? I did not
find any possibility to do this for now.

Second is - google contacts sync application works only one way, it
takes contacts information from google side and import to the contact
database. Is there any possibility to do vise versa, to export contacts
from FR to the google contacts?

Third is - what is the location of my contacts database on the FR?

Forth is - how can I synchronize PIM information with Evolution?

Fifth is - I did apt-get update and had about 14 not upgraded packages.
Is it safe for now to do and upgrade for the system software from lenny

Six is - as I understood, all personal information is located under
Documents directory of the user. Can I move this directory to the SD
card and make simlink to the home location?

Thats all for now :)

Once again - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

PS. I found some minor bug: the home directory of the root user in the
qtopia environment is /home/root, but in debian - it is /root. Updating
the HOMEPATH in the /etc/passwd fix this issue.

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