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Chris Samuel <chris at csamuel.org> wrote:
> Or Australia ?

Hi. I'm in Melbourne too.

Needing to buzz fix an A6 I asked a few electronics engineers. I was looking for somebody who would do delicate soldering work for an hourly rate. The consensus from people I spoke to was that while there are a few small businesses who do electronic work, few would be interested in small jobs.

A co-worker of mine offered to do the buzz fix for me. This person tends to over rate his ability. I should have remembered this when I agreed for him to do the work. I plan to tool up and redo the soldering on that phone in the next couple of weeks.

The problem with little jobs like this is liability. If he stuffs up, who takes responsibility? On small jobs it is impossible to get insurance.

So I am going to do a buzz fix soon. The #1024 fix seems more complicated because you have to disassemble parts of the phone which may be hard to put back together. I might try this procedure on the phone which I am going to do the buzz fix on. I can more afford to stuff that one up.

I will post the results here:


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