[SHR] fsousaged upgrade failed; needs libfso-glib0 ver 0.2.1

Greg Bonett greg at bonett.org
Fri Oct 23 20:56:18 CEST 2009

I'm running an unstable image from Aug 8th.  opkg-cl
update; opkg-cl upgrade; gives the following error:

 * ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for fsousaged:
         *  libfso-glib0 (>=

opkg-cl update; opkg-cl list | grep libfso-glib returns:

libfso-glib0 -
0.2.0-gitrx44+9d292508739452b55b80ec40ec57405a5de2159f-r0 - 

so it looks like the version of libfso-glib0 in the repo doesn't meet
the requirements for fsousaged

is anyone else having this problem?  Is there somewhere I can get the
libgso-glib0 > 0.2.1 package?


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