[QtMoko] minor questions

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sat Oct 24 00:01:00 CEST 2009

On Friday 23 of October 2009 07:59:34 Gmail wrote:

> Forth is - how can I synchronize PIM information with Evolution?

There is whole qdsync (Qtopia desktop sync) framework which seems to be 

For the start you can try to play with the qdsync protocol. If you launch Main 
menu->Applications->Synchronization you can connect to sync port from your PC 
and test some commands. E.g:

telnet 4245
USER root
PASS Qtopiaxxx
CALL QPE/QDSync displayText(QString) test

4245 is the sync port. Password must start with "Qtopia". The last line 
displays line "test" in Sync application.

The protocol is described in 

There seems to be Qtopia plugin for opensync


Opensync has plugin for evolution so it should be doable. I personally dont 
use synchronization and i will probably not do any more investigation soon so 
if someone want to pick this task it would be welcome.

> Fifth is - I did apt-get update and had about 14 not upgraded packages.
> Is it safe for now to do and upgrade for the system software from lenny
> repository?

Yes it should be safe unless the packages arent somehow broken.

> Six is - as I understood, all personal information is located under
> Documents directory of the user. Can I move this directory to the SD
> card and make simlink to the home location?

Make some ext3 partition on card, copy /home/root there and make symlink. It 
worked for me.

> Thats all for now :)
> Once again - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
> PS. I found some minor bug: the home directory of the root user in the
> qtopia environment is /home/root, but in debian - it is /root. Updating
> the HOMEPATH in the /etc/passwd fix this issue.

It would be nice to get rid of /home/root, but it needs testing if something 
does not break up.

Nice to hear that you like QtMoko.



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