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2009/10/25 Frederik Sdun <frederik.sdun at googlemail.com>

> * Iain B. Findleton <ifindleton at videotron.ca> [25.10.2009 13:19]:
> > Where is the device control for the accelerometers on SHR? Was
> > /sys/bus/platform/devices/ls302dl.1/2 or some such on the OM distros.
> >
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> here's an overview of the sysfs paths:
> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GTA02_sysfs#Accelerometers
No luck. The paths specified on the page you refer to do not exits on the
SHR release.
root at om-gta02 ~ $ ls -a /sys/devices/platform/
.                    physmap-flash.0      s3c2440-sdi          s3c-ohci
..                   power                s3c2440-uart.0       soc-audio
gta02-led.0          s3c2410-iis          s3c2440-uart.1       uevent
gta02-pm-wlan.0      s3c2410-wdt          s3c2440-uart.2
neo1973-memconfig.0  s3c2440-i2c          s3c2440-usbgadget
neo1973-version.0    s3c2440-nand         s3c24xx_pwm.0

neither point to the right direction in the SHR case.

Any other suggestions how to manipulate the accelerometers?
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